Christian Demare

Untitled, Deux-sèvres, France, 2009.
Photo print on paper, 13x13"
© Christian Demare 2010, all rights reserved
Christian Demare is a photographer living and working in Paris, France. After exploring drawing, painting and engraving, it is photography that Christian has turned to in recent years. Exhibition, publications and collaborations punctuate this prolific artist's life entirely devoted to his work, research, experimentation and travel. Recently his work entered a period of greater visibility, with exhibitions at the French Institute in Thessaloniki, Greece as part of the 2010 Photo-Biennale, at Les Insolites, in Tangiers, Morocco, in Boston, Ma, and in Paris. He will also participate in the Contemporary Art Biennale in Baku, Azerbaijan during December 2012.

About his work, Christian Demare writes "Stopping for a moment, seeing, trying to take the time to look at things humbly; between contemplation and meditation. Trying to offer a view of the immensity of things, approaching the others, touching the palpitations of life. Offering people a view, expanding their perspective, feeling and touching reality with the fingertips. This reality that contains all the tragic and the magic. All the light and the incredible hope. The torn hearts and the dazzling nature. The deadly boredom and the absolute love. My art is figurative even if sometimes the subject disappears; my art is narrative even if the stories are fragmentary. The images are nothing other than furtive traces and testimonies; a few clues left here and there…"

Demare is also exploring moving images through movie and video experimentations. In these works he explores new territories and other cultures, while re-discovering the first photographic processes. His work searches for answers to such concerns as the importance of the image in life; how to depict reality; how to depict what we remember; what remains and what will be.

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