Stewart Bremner

From distant shores
Mixed media on board, 12x12"
© Stewart Bremner 2012, all rights reserved
Stewart Bremner is an abstract artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. His work takes an autobiographical approach to abstraction. He begins each of his paintings with the intent of representing the emotions and thoughts particular to a specific moment of his life. These emotions and thoughts are expressed through the use of a variety of materials and by using a limited colour palette. Once the initial marks have been made, he then allows his movements and materials to dictate the ebb and flow of each piece.

“Many of my paintings have been created while living with the realities of a relationship that spans an ocean. Thoughts of longing and the sea therefore play a large part in this work. I created these paintings as a way to explore my thoughts and reactions to this reality.”

1972 KMZ Zorki 4k
© 2012 Stewart Bremner,
all rights reserved.
Bremner is also an illustrator, who works with both traditional and digital forms. Some of this work will also be at East Prospect.

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